Wednesday, January 30, 2008

linda's father passed away almost two weeks ago and I had a mix of all these emotions - ie selfishness, feeling like the worst friend/sister because i couldn't fly back because my visa wasn't ready. I was working almost everyday since he passed away and couldn't mourn properly. it finally caught up with me on sunday when i came home after church and felt like i was suffocating while in bed so i went for a walk and released a few much needed tears. I'm well now. So i decided to do some retail and got myself an awesome phone at Go Cell. See, I feel so selfish going on about myself because I wonder how linda is doing. YOu know how we believe that everything happens for a reason - well last xmas i spent wtih her and her family not because it was planned but it happened spontaneously and it felt right. I remember sitting down and looking real hard at linda's dad and thinking 'wow i'm so blessed to sit here in the presence of this man even though I've been at boarding school for the past five years but he's old, working real hard and is still sitting here'. I had to stop staring at him because i was about to cry. And when i got the news from linda i thought 'thank god (or whatever higher power) for letting that happen and for me seeing the significance and sharing his last christmas with him and his family.


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